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Caroline Gallacher | Between the pedestrian and the building
Concept of Examen:
I live and work in the shopping district of the city centre and have done for 8 years. This has a huge influence on the things that interest me personally in making art. All of my works so far have been a response to my physical environment, to the challenge of finding undeveloped uninhabited spaces within the city centre to respond to. For the last year I have been working predominantly with the use of temporary construction materials in 3 dimensional Sculpture and Installation. The identity of the materials I use i.e. debris netting, concrete bricks, heras fencing and the basic form of construction of these materials, explore ideas of temporality, luminosity, structure and volume. The interplay between barriers, windows, netting and fences contain references to architecture. I am aesthetically drawn to the line, colour, structure and luminosity of the materials I use and drawing is an important part of my creative process. My recent installation work seeks to be read as abstract form and sits somewhere between the autonomous and the associative. By taking these temporary building materials away from their relationship to architecture and presenting them for the individual within the gallery setting, the structures play with the familiar and try to take command of a space whilst appearing temporary and unfixed. I find them an exciting addition to an otherwise fixed and unmovable architecture and I relate to the periphery where they stand between the pedestrian and the building.
The Glasgow School of Art
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The Glasgow School of Art
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